My mum, she always did say that true love is going to come calling a song sweet as an apple tree. She said I’ll know it when it knocks for it’ll bring the smell of grapefruits growing and the taste of fresh baked cake to my lips. It’ll roast laughter up my belly and sing its song down my back.

She said there's no way to mistake it. And she’d know see, because she waited her whole life long to hear it calling to her. But true love never did search hard enough to find her out.

I thought there’d be no limits to where it’d look. When I was but knee high I’d imagine this love, he wearing a dark cloak and a superhero eye mask, lycra on his limbs and spirit in his bones, scaling up cliff sides and down buildings high to find the other half where his soul did split in two.

But I guess even true love gets tired legs and blisters because he never did make it up beyond the bushes to the tower block high where she did breathe her days out.

So instead she poured her longings deep to the soil of a window box. Planting seeds that held her hopes and with earth tucked beneath her nails she watched them grow. She tended to them daily and with the watering can in one hand she let fall her dreams of adventure tales and faraway lands.

As shoots sprouted and grew, turning green, yellow, red, she told them of love as ripe as fallen fruit, as smooth as cream to a cats tongue and as wide and full up as the seas be.

Her dreams snapped and crackled round me daily, like milk to a bowl of rice crispies.

And I? I have watched and grown big with all I saw. I have sucked in her disappointment and licked it clean like a boiled sweet atop my tongue. Not for me the endless waiting and staring at colour changes to the sky beyond the window boxes. Not my fate to let dreams rain around me, mingling with the soil and dirtied by the earth.


I have left that block built grey to the skies and I've got no need to sit and wait for true loves knock.

For instead the juice of apples licks upon my lips and I taste of plums heated inside up by sun. My blood runs the colour of sunflowers and my roots grow mountain deep. I dream beyond window boxes and here, come stand aside me, you’ll find the smell of the seas is deep to my skin.