'Once upon a time, not so long ago, in fact just this morning in a land up the road,
there lives a little girl...'

The Jungle Heart is a play in development for ages 4 and up. 

Based on an original story by Ilana Winterstein, the piece has just finished an R&D period, supported by the Arts Council England and the Bristol Old Vic.

A talented group of people put together by Ilana, including Emma Williams (director), Adam Blake, Adam Fuller, Debbie Hard (performers), Katie Sykes (designer) and Sarah Moody (musician/composer) and Ilana (writer), spent a few weeks devising, playing, finding their inner lions and working out how best to tell the story on the stage. 

'It's a sea place so wide, I can't find its end.
It's got aches to its shapes, like a heart on the mend.
It looks bluer than blue, like the far-est of skies, and it tastes rather sweet,
like warm apple pies...'

Check back here for updates on the next phase of The Jungle Heart and a trailer coming soon...

“Beautiful, rich and
intense language”

”Lovely performances,
and well-crafted direction”

”A great all-family show”